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This is a crowd funding community dedicated to bringing a positive change to the lives of it’s members. It is a community that connects individuals with the sole purpose of making them financially liberated and socially alive. It is centered on mutual trust & benevolence.
Financial Breakers is here to work with people in order to build a sustainable and reliable community where participants can effortlessly make financial gains to meet their various financial obligations. Be a part of this revolution.

managerThe current world financial system enslaves the poor with its financial policies. Hence the creation of this platform by a group of committed persons who has taken it upon themselves to see that there is a fair distribution of financial resources among its community members. Simply put, Financial Breakers is here to break the financial chains that enslaves the people & give them access to more financial resources and opportunities.


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Our Goal

To be a role model in the peer to peer donation community by creating superior value for all our participants , abiding by the utmost professional and ethical standards, and by building a long lasting community where everyone therein can become financially liberated..

  • Financial Planning 80%
  • Equilibrium 90%
  • Reducing Fake Pop 70%